Welcome to Touch of Color, I hope you find my photos interesting and enjoyable. Living in Northwest Pennsylvania has many opportunities for photography. A majority of my photos are from the Allegheny National Forest and surrounding areas, which have many seasonal changes. The summer has the dark green forest, clear spring filled streams and foggy morning light. The fall shows the bright autumn color of yellow to red leaves dotting every hillside. And the winter with deep white snow and ice forming on lakes and streams. Here are a few photos of my perspective of natures TOUCH OF COLOR.
All photos have been taken with 8mp camera or higher to give you the best quality print. In order to save memory and downloading the photos viewed on the site have been reduced to 550x412 MP or lower. The prints shipped are all taken with Nikon or Cannon cameras

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On the Clarion Allegheny National Forest
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Spring and Summer Photos taken in and around the Allegheny National Forest of Pennsylvania(click photo to enter)
Blackwater Fall and Winter
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Winter and Fall Photographs in and around the Allegheny National Forest of Pennsylvania
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Photos of the East
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